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The luxury chocolate bonbons Golem´s Shem

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Product no.: Golem01
City: Prague
Characteristic: 160 g
Dimensions: 190 x 190 mm
EAN code: 8594025753932
our price without Tax : CZK 208.70 (7.87 EUR)
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CZK 240.00 (9.05 EUR)

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The chocolate bonbons Golem´s Shem are delivered in hexagram boxes. Every package contains 12 chocolate shems in three versions by four pieces, namely with:

• chilli flavour (capsicum annuum)

• ginger flavour (zingiber officinale)

• chestnut flavour (kastanea sativa)

The product concerned is an all-Czech handmade product, based on a traditional secret formula complemented by the latest research results.