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The adventures of The Mole 1

Czech artist Zdeněk Miler

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Product no.: 01Mole
City: Prague
Length: 72 minutes
Subtitles: czech, english, german, french, polish, italian
Language: No talking - only music and sounds
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Beautifully animated stories about a little mole and his friends who experience a lot of adventures.

Czech artist Zdenek Miler + video

1. Little Mole as a Gardener

2. Little Mole and the Umbrella

3. Little Mole and the Chewing Gum

4. Little Mole in the Green Star5. Little Mole and the Lollipop

6. Little Mole at the ZOO

7. Little Mole and the Transistor Radio

8. Little Mole and the Hedgehod

9. Little Mole and the Television Set